Decentralized Proof of Ownership / Proof of Existence. is a service that allows you to prove ownership of a digital work, this can be anything from PDF documents, mp3's, images or even raw text such as a Poem or Lyrics to a song. Our service will calculate the SHA3-224 cryptographic hash of your work (client side using Javascript; your document is never uploaded to our servers) and using our embedding algorithm we will permanently and irrevocably insert this into Bitcoin's Blockchain. Our algorithm provides the best security for your crypto-proof by using the latest award winning SHA3 hashing function which helps to protect against possible attacks such as hash collisions and length-extension attacks which other functions such as MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 are vulnerable to. With the cryptographic hash of your document registered in the Blockchain you can prove with absolute certainty that you were in possession of the digital work at that precise moment in time.

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